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firstly great service from you guys, we ordered Friday received the kit Saturday. We are delighted to use a British company and equipment. It was our sons 8th Birthday today and he has already mastered the Media Box. from our perspective you are doing a great job, keep up the good work
PM - 12/04/10

I am pleased to have been be able to support a british business by buying your product and that you are able to support your customers in this way.
SA - 27/01/10

Excellent service from start to finish, thank you.
CO - 12/01/10

I have just received the Media Box Touch and I have to say that I think it is great. For me, I think the design is spot on. It is heavy enough to know that you have something substantial. Not too heavy though. The audio is fantastic and the controls are easy to use. Loading some of her music was just too easy.
CG - 08/12/09

What excellent service. I've been showing it off. Many thanks and top marks for customer service
BG - 04/12/09

I am  impressed with the product
SA - 03/12/09

the player and features it possesses are excellent. The software for converting AVI’s etc works well (better than software I’ve had for other models, e.g. Cowon D2, although it is a great MP3 player)
GM - 11/11/09

Excellent service ,great value ,received within couple days receipt included will use again.
JF - 25/10/09


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media box touch screen mp4 players

UK made Media Box touch screen mp4 players

Welcome to the Media Box Touch, a range of compact touch screen MP4 players offering all of the expected features of a touch screen MP4 player, but with much more. Unlike its rivals the Media Box Touch gives you real staying power, over 18 hours continuous play for video, and even longer for audio files, typically over 30 hours. Combined with both a touch screen and capacitive touch sense buttons, a fully animated menu and auto screen rotate function, this is truly the new kid on the block when it comes to touch screen MP4 Players.

Don’t forget this superb value for money range of touch screen MP4 players have been designed and manufactured in the UK, so your guaranteed to stand out from the crowd with the uniqueness of the Media Box Touch, no clones just pure touch screen MP4 Player.


All prices include standard UK carriage.........





You have a choice of 6 cool colours for the Media Box Touch, Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Red and Orange.

 Memory All Media Box touch screen MP4 players are shipped with dual memory. We use a 1GB Nand Flash chip to store the players operating system, the PDF User Guide and the MP4 Video Conversion software. This is then accompanied by either 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of memory for storing your media on. If you remove the above files from the mp4 player you can use the extra 1GB of memory for extra storage, so 4GB becomes 5GB and so on.

The Media Box Touch adopts both touch screen and capacitive touch sense button technology. This configuration gives you maximum access and usability. Both technologies require little or no pressure to work, and there are no moving parts. The Media Box MP4 player range also incorporates an automatic "Keyboard Lock" which safeguards against accidental button pressing when the player is in you pocket.

 Battery Incorporating a 4100mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery, the Media Box Touch far outlasts equivalent players available from other manufacturers. With over 18 hours of continuous video player achievable and even more audio play possible you can now enjoy more of the media your player contains. After all what is the point of having huge memory on your device if you can only play a fraction of it at any one time?

Digital CMOS Camera

Screen Rotate

Automatic Screen Rotate

1.3 MPixel CMOS camera for single shot photograph of digital video recording (DVR). Connect to your PC via a USB lead this also doubles as a PC Camera.

By using an accelerometer the media box max supports automatic screen rotate. As you turn the media player through a 360 degree turn the screen changes so that the display follows direction. This can also be disabled if you wish so you have the choice.


Music Player

Picture Viewer

Supports MP1, MP2, MP3, FLAC, WAV, ACC, MIDI & WMA audio files.

Supports BMP, JPG, GIF, Animated GIF and PNG formats.


Ebook Reader

Clock & Alarm

Function for reading ebooks and standard text files.

Onboard, clock, calendar, daily alarm and week alarm for forward planning.


Movie Player

Explorer Menu

Directly plays MP4 / MPEG-4 (XVID) and H263 video files and through the conversion software supplied supports many other formats.

Full navigation functionality for viewing all of you files. Functions include delete, cut, copy and paste so you can move your files around without connecting you player to a PC.





The media box touch screen mp4 player comes with 3 pre-installed games.


and remember the media box touch screen mp4 players are made in the UK................

touch screen mp4 players purchase here    Choose your colour below and then select your memory option. All prices include standard UK carriage.........

Media Box Touch - BlackMedia Box Touch - Black
Media Box Touch - GreenMedia Box Touch - Green
Media Box Touch - OrangeMedia Box Touch - Orange
Media Box Touch - GreyMedia Box Touch - Grey
Media Box Touch - BlueMedia Box Touch - Blue
Media Box Touch - RedMedia Box Touch - Red

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