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firstly great service from you guys, we ordered Friday received the kit Saturday. We are delighted to use a British company and equipment. It was our sons 8th Birthday today and he has already mastered the Media Box. from our perspective you are doing a great job, keep up the good work
PM - 12/04/10

I am pleased to have been be able to support a british business by buying your product and that you are able to support your customers in this way.
SA - 27/01/10

Excellent service from start to finish, thank you.
CO - 12/01/10

I have just received the Media Box Touch and I have to say that I think it is great. For me, I think the design is spot on. It is heavy enough to know that you have something substantial. Not too heavy though. The audio is fantastic and the controls are easy to use. Loading some of her music was just too easy.
CG - 08/12/09

What excellent service. I've been showing it off. Many thanks and top marks for customer service
BG - 04/12/09

I am  impressed with the product
SA - 03/12/09

the player and features it possesses are excellent. The software for converting AVI’s etc works well (better than software I’ve had for other models, e.g. Cowon D2, although it is a great MP3 player)
GM - 11/11/09

Excellent service ,great value ,received within couple days receipt included will use again.
JF - 25/10/09


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 MP4 Player Reference Guide
What is an MP4 player?
MP4 is the name of a type of computer data file, so an MP4 Player is a piece of hardware that will play the MP4 format, either directly or indirectly (using conversion software). Whereas an MP3 player plays only audio an MP4 player will play video as well as audio.
Like an MP3 player, you will need a computer to use an MP4 player, and ideally access to the internet.
How to access your MP4 Player for storing music and video

You will need to either own or have access to a computer. MP4 players are designed to let you store and play copies of music and/or video content that you already own or to store music or video files you download from the internet. The transferring of data is typically done via the USB port on your PC, most devices available today are plug and play enabled so no extra drivers are required.

What Software will you Need?
All MP4 players sold on the MCH Media website come with any drivers required. Along with these drivers you also get, free, the compression software which will convert most common formats into a smaller file for your MP4 Player. This is important as the bigger the file size the less you can fit on to you MP4 Player.
If you wish to copy data from a DVD format you will need another type of software. See out links page for details of software providers.
What Should I Look for When Buying an MP4 Player?

MP4 Players come in all different shapes and sizes, each manufacture offers their own "bells and whistles" functions, but once you cut through the fluff there are some basic elements you should consider

1) Media Player Shape and Size

Your first consideration should be "What do I want my MP4 Player for". Why is this important, simply because this will dictate most / all of the other choices you need to make.

2) Media Player Screen Size and Type
If you intend to use you MP4 Player for listening to music, and occasionally watching short video clips you can chose a player with a smaller screen, 1.5" or 1.8" screen. As this priority changes so should the screen size, i.e. the more video you intend to watch with respect to the amount of audio you wish to listen to the bigger the screen should be 2.0" upwards.
Summary -
     More Music - Small Screen 
     More Video - Large Screen 
     Not Sure - Mid Large Large Screen
3) Media Player Storage Capacity
Storage capacity for MP4 Players comes in two main types – hard disk and solid state.
As a rule of thumb larger-capacity MP4 players use a hard disk for storage, not unlike your PC. This type of storage tends to make these MP4 Players bulkier than solid-state players, but the up side is you can fit more media on to them. Hard-disk capacities vary and you will pay more for higher-capacity models. You can also use many hard disc players to transfer large files between computers.
Solid state MP4 players get their name because they have no moving parts, this storage is based on flash silicon IC's. This technology means MP4 players can be incredibly small and light, and a benefit of this is they are often more robust compared to hard disk MP4 Players. As with the hard disk you can also use this type of MP4 Player to transfer files between computers
Another consideration is expansion slots on MP4 Players. Some models come with SD card slots which allow you to plug in more solid state memory in card format and therefore expand your on board memory. These are particular useful for holding films on.
Summary -
If you want to load your player up with your complete DVD collection and all of your music files you will need to look at a hard disk MP4 Player. If you want to rotate your music and video collection, or hold a smaller amount on you player at any one time a solid state MP4 Player will suit you.
4) Media Player Battery Life
Each brand and type of MP4 player will have its own battery life. There are various consideration as to how long your battery will last between charges, the main one being how much video you are watching. The more screen time you have the less play time you will have. Most players will offer at least 4-6 hours of play as standard, this can be extended by turning the screen off.

Charging takes on average 3 hours , but some of the players with larger memory can take up to 5-6 hours. With most models, you can recharge the batteries without removing them. This can be achieved on some models using your computers USB port rather than carrying around a clunky power supply and cables

5) Connections
Most, if not all MP4 players connect to your PC via USB or in some cases Fire Wire. If you choose an MP4 player with Fire Wire you should make sure your PC has a Fire Wire port on it. If not you will need to buy an expansion card. You should also make sure any MP4 Players you are looking at support USB 2.0, this will speed up you data transfer times.
6) Data Formats Supported
You should make sure the MP4 Players you are looking at support the most common media formats, (MPEG) MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, WMA. WMV. This will be done directly on the player through embedded drivers or via conversion software which will take these formats and change them in the best format for your MP4 Player.
7) Audio Output
There are two types of audio output on MP4 players, these are headphones and/or external speaker. Most mp4 players with an external speaker will also come with a jack socket for you headphones. This is a good feature as if a group of people want to listen to the MP4 player whilst watching video you don't need to share earphones.
8) Bells and Whistles
Once you have you checked the above list covering the above points you can look at the extras. These will range from games, FM radio, voice and/or radio recording, phone book, camera for both video and stills, calendar, Electronic album and picture browser, Graphics Equaliser, multi language, and the list goes on.

How Do I Put Video onto my Player?

Each device is shipped with a USB cable and CD containing the required software to convert most formats of video into a compressed file that your player will understand. As part of the install process you should install this software onto your PC. Once this is done if you open the application, either AMV Convert or PMP Transcoding, you will then need to do the following;

For AMV Convert

  • Select your Input File.
  • Select your Output File – This is where the software will store the converted file.
  • Under the green buttons select the new file you have just added, right click and choose settings. Change 128x128 to 160x120, this is preset in the drop down field. Click OK.
  • Press the “Begin” button
  • The software now converts the file into a smaller package, which will save space on your player meaning you can store more media to its memory.
  • When the conversion is complete you can now go to the folder on you PC that you stored the file to and either Cut or Copy it straight onto you device. Please note you device must be connected to your PC and switched on for this stage.

For PMP Convert

  • Select your correct conversion mode
  • Select your Input File.
  • Select your Output File – This is where the software will store the converted file.
  • Click convert.
  • When the conversion is complete you can now go to the folder on you PC that you stored the file to and either Cut or Copy it straight onto you device. Please note you device must be connected to your PC and switched on for this stage

How Do I Put DVD’s onto my Player?

You will need to convert the DVD from its native format to a new output format. To do this you will need to purchase, if you don’t already have it installed on your PC a low cost piece of software. If you look at our links page we have linked to some sites offering this type of software. For the purpose of this explanation we will assume you have purchased a copy of 123 DVD Convertor.

  • Insert the DVD you are wishing to copy into your PC’s DVD drive and open the DVD convertor software.
  • Select the Load DVD” button and choose the DVD from the pop up window
  • The software will now choose the files it needs to copy the DVD into an electronic format.
  • Select you output format. AVI - DivX XVid works very well but feel free to try different formats to get the best results. Choose your output directory and press start.
  • Be aware the DVD conversion can take a long time so make sure you have something to do whilst you wait.
  • When the conversion is complete you now have a PC friend electronic backup of your DVD
  • To put this on to your player see the above steps for putting Electron Video onto your player. This conversion process is a lot quicker than the DVD conversion.

Please note most if not all media purchased today carries a copyright. Keep yourself safe by respecting this.

How Do I Put Pictures onto my Player?
You will need to resize your image for the correct display size. If you connect your player to your PC via the USB cable you will find factory-installed images already in place. Select the correct drive from “My Computer” and then find an image on your device, right click the image and select “Properties”. Click on the “Summary” tab, this will then give you the settings for the graphics already on your device. Typically for a 1.8” screen you should be looking for 128x160 pixels size with a 96 DPI resolution. For larger format screens this will differ.


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